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html5-qrcode / Html5QrcodeCameraScanConfig

Interface: Html5QrcodeCameraScanConfig

Configuration type for scanning QR code with camera.

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Optional aspectRatio: number

Optional, Desired aspect ratio for the video feed. Ideal aspect ratios are 4:3 or 16:9. Passing very wrong aspect ratio could lead to video feed not showing up.

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Optional disableFlip: boolean

Optional, if true flipped QR Code won't be scanned. Only use this if you are sure the camera cannot give mirrored feed if you are facing performance constraints.

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fps: undefined | number

Optional, Expected framerate of qr code scanning. example { fps: 2 } means the scanning would be done every 500 ms.

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Optional qrbox: number | QrDimensions | QrDimensionFunction

Optional, edge size, dimension or calculator function for QR scanning box, the value or computed value should be smaller than the width and height of the full region.

This would make the scanner look like this:

|******,,,,,,,,,*****| <--- shaded region
|******| |*****| <--- non shaded region would be
|******| |*****| used for QR code scanning.

Instance of QrDimensions can be passed to construct a non square rendering of scanner box. You can also pass in a function of type QrDimensionFunction that takes in the width and height of the video stream and return QR box size of type QrDimensions.

If this value is not set, no shaded QR box will be rendered and the scanner will scan the entire area of video stream.

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Optional videoConstraints: MediaTrackConstraints

Optional, @beta(this config is not well supported yet).

Important: When passed this will override other parameters like 'cameraIdOrConfig' or configurations like 'aspectRatio'. 'videoConstraints' should be of type MediaTrackConstraints as defined in and is used to specify a variety of video or camera controls like: aspectRatio, facingMode, frameRate, etc.

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